"   Granted, Madonna has adopted two children from Malawi. According to the record, this gesture was humanitarian and of her accord. It, therefore, comes across as strange and depressing that for a humanitarian act, prompted only by her, Madonna wants Malawi to be forever chained to the obligation of gratitude. Kindness, as far as its ordinary meaning is concerned, is free and anonymous. If it can’t be free and silent, it is not kindness; it is something else. Blackmail is the closest it becomes.   "
Joyce Banda (President of Malawi) - press release


Rwanda: “Portraits of Reconciliation” photographed by Pieter Hugo.

20 years after the genocide in Rwanda, reconciliation still happens one encounter at a time. - NYT

This April marks two decades since the lives of all Rwandans were dramatically changed through violent events that would mark the country forever.

In an effort to highlight this anniversary, South African photographer Pieter Hugo recently journeyed to southern Rwanda, twenty years after nearly a million people were killed during the country’s genocide, to document the lives of those affected by the Rwandan genocide. What he captured is what the New York Times’ Susan Dominus calls “a series of unlikely, almost unthinkable tableaus”. That’s because in each of these photographs, composed of pairs, the two people posing next to each other share a haunting relationship - one a victim, the other a perpetrator. Each photograph consists of a perpetrator, who is Hutu, who was granted pardon by the Tutsi survivor of his crime.

The individuals, all of whom are part of an initiative run by the AMI (Association Modeste et Innocent) that fosters a continuing national effort toward reconciliation, all agreed to be a part of this photographic series. Through this AMI-led project, small groups of Hutus and Tutsis are counseled over a period of several months with the process leading up to the final stage where the perpetrator makes a formal request for forgiveness from their victim.

The series was commissioned by Creative Court, an arts organization based in the Netherlands, as part of “Rwanda 20 Years,” a program centered on the theme of forgiveness. The images are currently on display at The Hague and will eventually be shown at memorials and churches in Rwanda.

Read more about the stories behind these photographs.

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